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Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer with One Feedback Module

Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer with One Feedback Module
Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer with One Feedback Module
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Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer with One Feedback Module.


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Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer with One Feedback Module.

The Model 206 Dosimetry Electrometer maintains the simplicity of classic electrometer styling while utilizing contemporary design and state-of-the-art electronics.  It is simple to operate.  All controls are located on the front panel.  The value is displayed in easy-to-read 0.7” digits.  A tilt bail is provided for optional viewing angles.  The Model 206 Electrometer has a broad range of operation and can accommodate any size ion chamber utilizing any type of connector.

Electrometer Features

• External feedback module interface

• 2,000 hour operation on “D” cell batteries

• Less than 3 fA leakage current

• 4 1/2 digit custom LCD

• Internal electronic bias (±300V / ±150V)

• A/D voltage reference - band gap diode

• Analog electrometer output

• Auto-ranging

• Instant on - no stabilization period

The versatility of the Model 206 Electrometer stems from its innovative modular design.  The amplifier feedback element is contained in an external module.  This module is removable and can be exchanged with any number of modules.  Each module changes the measurement features of the electrometer.  In this way, a single electrometer can be configured to satisfy a wide range of applications.  By pairing an ion chamber with a specific module, full calibration, of all chambers, on a single electrometer can be achieved.

The Model 206 Electrometer is designed for long term reliability.  Leakage currents as low as 1 fA are achieved due to the selection of special components and the implementation of proprietary production techniques.  All feedback elements are extensively evaluated to insure long-term stability.

Removable feedback modules

One 200nC (*206-110) feedback module with a triaxial BNC-F connector, optimized for beam calibrations with a 0.6cc Farmer type ionization chamber, is supplied with each Model 206 Electrometer.  This feedback module may be substituted at no additional cost, or additional feedback modules may be purchased to suit multiple applications.  Feedback module connection is a triaxial BNC-F.
Nominal Range: 200 nC
Min. - Max. Reading:  .0001 - 199.99 nC
Chamber Size:  Any

User selectable feedback element:

• Provides probe calibration

• Sets measurement range

• Defines input (floating or grounded)

• Selects appropriate display units

• Triax BNC-F input

• Calibration adjustment

• Charge, rate or both

Display:  0.7”, 4 1/2 digit custom LCD with floating decimal point, display hold and low battery indications
Display Update:  1 sec.
Accuracy:  ±0.2% of full scale
Repeatability:  ±0.03% of full scale
Linearity:  ±0.05% of full scale
Stability:  long term (1 year) ±0.1% of full scale
Units:  feedback module selected
Electrometry Units:  pA, nA µA, pC, nC
Dosimetry Units:  R or Gy with µ, m, c, prefix
Rate Units:  in s, min, h
Input Leakage Current:  Less than 3 fA
Preamp Output:  2V, banana jack (back panel) 10kW
Internal Bias:  Electronic, ±300V and ±150V, ±300V and ±100V optional
External Bias:  Via banana jacks (back panel)
Ranges:  Three decade auto ranging, unit powers up in high range with manual increase in sensitivity
Electrometer Range:  With appropriate module selection capable of:  Current: 0.001pA to 1999.9µA
Charge: 0.0001pC to 19999nC
Standard Range:  200nC module - 0.0001 to 199.99nC
Exposure/Dose:  Determined by multiplying the above by the chamber calibration factor
Module Storage:  Rear panel compartment holds up to three accessory feedback modules
Input:  Triax BNC-F
Power:  Six “D” cell batteries, 2000 hours of continuous operation (access panel on bottom)
Size:  5.2” W x 8.4” H x 7.9” D
Weight:  10 lbs


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