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Small Panel Mylar Replacement

Small Panel Mylar Replacement
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Small Panel Mylar Replacement.


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Small Panel Mylar Replacement.

The couch racket/panel should be sent to RPDinc.  All panels will be returned within one to two weeks.

To determine what size racket/panel you have measure the outer frame.  If the panel is under 55 cm long it will be considered a small racket/panel.  Any racket/panel over 55 cm long will be considered a large racket/panel.

Some rackets may require modification before restringing can be done.  This will be determined once the racket is received by RPDinc.

Tennis Racket Panels can be restrung with either nylon or Kevlar 1.25 mm diameter string with tension to 65 pounds.  The Kevlar string is an anti-stretch string and will retain its tautness after many uses.

Some Tennis Rackets are covered with 0.007" thick polyester (Mylar) to prevent skin from protruding through the openings and give maximum support and comfort to the patient.  The Mylar panels are stretched extremely tight using 0.010" thick polyester (Mylar) covering.

Rental Tennis Rackets or Mylar Panels are Available for Some Panels.  State the Size, Manufacture and Type of Couch When Renting.

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