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Mylar Window Water Phantom

Mylar Window Water Phantom
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Mylar Window Water Phantom.


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Mylar Window Water Phantom.

Mylar Window
The window is made of 0.010” thick Mylar.  It is mounted in a 27 cm square aluminum frame.  The outside of the water phantom is 18.7 cm from the bottom to the center of the Mylar window.

Two Water-Tight Side Openings
The side openings for the chamber holder are located 10 cm and 25 cm from the bottom of the phantom.  The chamber holder has a single axis of motion.

The Water Phantom drain valve can be connected with a vinyl hose to a 2 1/2” gallon reservoir tank with valve.  Place the reservoir tank above the water phantom and open the valves to raise the water level.  Place the reservoir tank below the water phantom to lower the water level.

Depth Scale
A 46 cm aluminum depth scale with millimeter markings is included with the water phantom.  The depth scale has a half-round cutout at the base which allows positioning on the active area of a RPD waterproofing tip (Item 691-030 and 691-032) for a Farmer style chamber.

When using the 46 cm aluminum depth scale on the active chamber area of a waterproof Farmer style chamber (all manufacturers) to measure water depth, subtract 1 mm from depth reading. 

Chamber Holder
The chamber holder comes with an 18” L x 7/8” or 5/8” diameter acrylic tube with a polystyrene or acrylic tip that has a 1 mm thick wall for a Farmer Style Chambers (Figure B).  A millimeter scale is silk screened on the outside of the 7/8” diameter tube only.  Optional chamber holders are also available.

Chamber Carriage
A welded aluminum frame is secured to the phantom.  It can be rotated 90O.  X-axis delrin bearings slide on a stainless steel rod with two scales and locks.  A Y-axis delrin chamber holder slides on stainless steel rods with a lock and is adjustable (Figure A).  An adjustable scale allows for accurate setting of the chamber tip to the Mylar window distance.  A  Z-axis acrylic chamber holder slides on o-rings with a lock.

Lubricate o-rings with Vaseline so the acrylic chamber tube slides easily.

Size:  35 cm x 37 cm H
Weight (empty):  42 lbs
Weight with Water:  94 lbs. (35 cm3)
Material:  Acrylic reinforced top and corners (sides measure 1/4” thick and bottom measures 3/8” thick)
Shipping Weight:  42 lbs.

Included with Mylar Window Water Phantom: 
Hose w/drain connection
2 1/2 gallon reservoir tank
46 cm depth scale
3 cm calibrator from Farmer Chamber tube
1 chamber holder of your choice