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Perma-Doc GC Phantom, microSelectron HDR

Perma-Doc GC Phantom, microSelectron HDR
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Perma-Doc GC Phantom, microSelectron® HDR


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Perma-Doc GC Phantom, microSelectron® HDR

The Perma-Doc GC Phantom is designed to check source positioning and stepping accuracy of HDR remote afterloading systems and provides a permanent record.  The Perma-Doc GC Phantom has a centimeter scale, which is projected onto the GAFCHROMIC® RTQA film by fluorescent radiation, and readily locates, up to 20 source positions.

• Verifies Source Positioning and Stepping Accuracy

• Images Centimeter Scale Directly on Film

• Requires Single Exposure Only

• Set-Up Accomplished in Seconds

• Eliminates All Guess-Work

• Small / Lightweight and Precision Built

• Compatible with all HDR Remote Afterloaders

• Fulfills Documentary QA Requirements

• GAFCHROMIC® RTQA Film is “Self-Developing”

• Eliminates the Need of a Darkroom

• Film can be handled in room light

• Simple, Easy and Efficient QA Management

the device consists of two plexi-glass plates stacked on top of each other with five locating pins and four knobs to ensure alignment.  Four embedded ball plungers provide a space for easy insertion of the film.  A 3 mm diameter groove is provided for the insertion of a straight tandem.

According to U.S. Regulatory Commission 10 CFR 35.633, source positioning accuracy on remote afterloading units is to be within  ± 1 mm. Additionally, it is highly recommended to check source positioning accuracy daily or prior to HDR treatments.  The test consists of 3 easy steps:  insertion of GAFCHROMIC® RTQA film into Perma-Doc Phantom, attachment of the source transfer tube to the Perma-Doc Phantom and exposing the GAFCHROMIC® RTQA film.  Due to the “self-developing” attribute of the film, the need for a visit to the darkroom is therefore eliminated.

Size:  4" x 13" x 1 5/8" (10.2 x 33 x 4.2 cm) Tandem Inserted
Weight:  1.75 lb (0.8 kg)

Note:  The Perma-Doc GC Phantom can only be used with GAFCHROMIC® RTQA film strips (Item # 115-024)

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