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Perma-Doc Phantom, GammaMed Plus HDR

Perma-Doc Phantom, GammaMed Plus HDR

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Perma-Doc Phantom, GammaMed® Plus HDR.


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Perma-Doc Phantom, GammaMed® Plus HDR.

The Perma-Doc Phantom provides the necessary permanent documentation required by the NRC quality assurance tests associated with HDR.  The Perma-Doc Phantom, with its centimeter scale automatically transferred to the film by fluorescent radiation, readily identifies up to 20 source positions and their stepping accuracy.  Two matching 3/8" plexi plates allow for insertion of a 10" x 12" ready-pack V-film.  The film is exposed by the HDR Ir-192 source dwell times of one second over a maximum of 20 positions spaced 1 cm apart.  The resulting film displays the source images superimposed on the image of the centimeter scale.

• Verifies Source Positioning and Stepping Accuracy

• Images Centimeter Scale Directly on Film

• Requires Single Exposure Only

• Set-up Accomplished in Seconds

• Eliminates All Guess-Work

• Precision Built

• Compatible with All HDR Units

• Fulfills Documentary QA Requirements

Shown is part of the V-film exposed with an HDR source for dwell times of 1 second over a distance of 20 cm. Source position and stepping accuracy are verified by scale lines that pass exactly through the centers of the corresponding source images.  Most importantly, the first two distally located markers are spaced such as to represent the distance from tip of tandem to center of active source.

For example: Tip of tandem to center of source for the GammaMed 12i sources is 3.75mm, i.e., separation of the first two tungsten wires is 3.75mm.  With the incorporation of the distal marker wire, the necessity to prick a hole into the film is therefore eliminated.

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