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Probe Holder

Probe Holder
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Probe Holder


NASA Space Shuttle engineering assures smooth and effortless operation. Performs like a robot arm in zero gravity. Fingertip control raises, lowers, and pivots (360°) the perfectly balanced holder wherever desired. Moves in all directions and the arm articulates at three points. Weighted die-cast metal base and spring counterbalance permit fluid movement with superior stability.

Item 666-010 Probe Holder Includes:

  • 21" (53.34 cm) Metal Arm
  • 8" (20.32 cm) Diameter Metal Base
  • Probe Holder - will accommodate probes with diameters of 10 mm to 14 mm


Metal Arm:  21" (53.34 cm)
Metal Base:  8" (20.32 cm) Diameter
Probe Diameter: 10 mm up to 14 mm
Weight: 6 lb (2.8 kg)