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Radiation Implant Briefs, Large

Radiation Implant Briefs, Large
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Radiation Implant Briefs Larges, Fits Hip Size 42" - 44"


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Radiation Implant Briefs Large, Fits Hip Size 42" - 44"

The radiation implant briefs will accommodate LDR and HDR gyn brachytherapy applicators.  The briefs are made of a soft cotton Lycra spandex and is sized according to a women’s standard undergarment size.  A slit in the fabric allows the physician to insert the applicator and catheters and to pack the vaginal cavity with gauze.  The implant is held in place by a strap that goes between the legs from front to back.

• Effective means of securing the implant

• Comfortable - no sutures

• No skin irritation - no tape

• Maintains patient dignity

• Reduces staff exposure to radiation

The briefs are comfortable for the patient as no labia sutures or tape is needed.  The briefs cover the patient's genitalia and perineum are, which helps maintain the patient’s dignity.

Fits Hip Size:  42” – 44”


 Item #   Size   Measurement  Women's
 Panty Size 
970-050 S 36-38" Hips 5
970-051 M 39-41" Hips 6
970-052 L 42-44" Hips 7
970-053 XL 45-47" Hips 8
970-054 1X 48-50" Hips 9
970-055 2X 51-53" Hips 10
970-056 3X 54-56" Hips 11
970-057 4X 57-59" Hips 12
970-058 5X 60-62" Hips 13