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SecureFoam, Foaming Agent, Medium Volume

SecureFoam, Foaming Agent, Medium Volume
SecureFoam, Foaming Agent, Medium Volume

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SecureFoam, Foaming Agent, Medium Volume.


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SecureFoam, Foaming Agent, Medium Volume.

SecureFoam™ is a two-part foam developed to immobilize patients during radiation therapy treatment.  SecureFoam™ was developed with both the radiation therapist and patient in mind.  It offers you the ability to quickly create an inexpensive, customized positioning device for each of your patients.  SecureFoam™ also provides the fastest rise time and set-up time compared to other two-part foams. 

SecureFoam™ is available is three sizes to meet all of your needs:  small, for pediatrics and small anatomical areas; medium, “ideal size” for breast and lung set-ups; and large, for large anatomical areas.


SecureFoam™ maintains its shape longer than other two-part foams, allowing accurate positioning throughout the patient’s course of treatment.

Each package contains:

  • Qty. 10: Part A foaming agent
  • Qty. 10: Part B foaming agent
  • Qty. 1: Medium containment bag
Approximate Securefoam Volume and Density
  Item # Foam Volume Density
    ml Gallons g/ml
Small 244-500 14,000 3.7 0.06
Medium 244-502 18,000 4.8 0.06
Large 244-504 28,000 7.4 0.06


Shelf Life:  6 Months

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