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Shielded Mobile Storage Container - 1/4" Pb Equiv. 26"x12"x17"

Shielded Mobile Storage Container - 1/4" Pb Equiv. 26"x12"x17"
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Shielded Mobile Storage Container, 1/4" Pb Equiv. Steel, Inside Dimensions: 26" x 12" x 17"


Shielded Mobile Storage Container - 1/4" Pb Equiv. 26"x12"x17"



  • Gas Spring Strut with Safety Lock
  • Two Swivel & Two Fixed Casters
  • Collapsible Stay Anywhere Handle
  • Lockable Latch
  • Fits Large and Small GE-68 Phantoms


This storage container was designed while prioritizing the user's safety and ease of use.  Pushing the button pin on the handle will allow you to extend or retract it for moving or storage.  Stay Anywhere Handles will keep their position and not fall no matter the angle it is left in.  The container is moved around easily and can be locked into position by pressing on the levers with your foot on the two swivel casters. 

A lock may be issued to this container and attached to the latch in front.  The gas spring strut assists in balancing the weight of the cover and makes opening the container effortless.  The strut also locks in place when fully open to prevent closing when removing the contents inside.  The container can be closed again by pushing the safety release button on the strut.



Shielding: 1/4" Pb Equivalent Steel
Inner Dimensions: 26x12x17 inches (67x31x44 cm)
Outer Dimensions: 32x18x23 inches (82x46x59 cm)
Height Including Handle: 31" (79cm) Tall in Short Position
Weight: 475 Lbs (216 kg)
Material: 0.75 inch (1.9cm) thick #1018 Steel
Finish: Axalta Beige Ridge Tan Powder Coating

Other Sizes May be Custom Ordered