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Siemens Digital Coded, with X-Y Stage, Wedge Slot

Siemens Digital Coded, with X-Y Stage, Wedge Slot
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Siemens Digital Coded, with X-Y Stage, Wedge Slot.


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Siemens Digital Coded, with X-Y Stage, Wedge Slot.

The Stereotactic Collimator System is custom made for each customer.  The customer must select the options wanted. 

The tray is made to be placed in the wedge tray slot.  An X-Y translation stage tray allows for adjustment of the collimator barrel in the X-Y directions.  The collimator barrel attaches to either the wedge tray or the X-Y translation stage tray.

The collimator barrel has an outside diameter of 7 cm with an inside diameter of 6.3 cm.  The length of the barrel is specified by the customer.  With short collimator barrels the lead collimators insert from the top of the barrel (the barrel unscrews from the tray).  Long collimator barrels have a screw on bottom which is taken off to insert the lead collimator from the bottom.  A test collimator will be sent to determine divergence prior to manufacturing.

Optional Accessories

X-Y pointer system (Item 1080-06), or a stereotactic front pointer (Item 1080-08).  The stereotactic front pointer has a magnetic base that will attach to the collimator barrel or Item 1081-73 Stereotactic Film Holder.

The Stereotactic Film Holder has a ring clamp that mounts to the collimator barrel of the Stereotactic Collimator System.  The removable rod extends past isocenter.  A film holder plate slides onto the rod and is adjustable to the proper distance; a tightening screw will hold the film holder plate in place.  Two spring clips on the film holder plate holds the film.

Stereotactic Collimator System Includes

• Tray

• Translation Stage Tray

• Barrel

When placing an order, please provide the following information:

• Item 1080-  

• Machine

• Machine Type

• Target to Bottom of Wedge Tray Slot in centimeters

• Target to End of Collimator Barrel in centimeters

• Contact Information

The contact person will have to verify all information prior to manufacturing.