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Sterile Attenuating Gloves, Size 9

Sterile Attenuating Gloves, Size 9
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Sterile Attenuating Gloves, Size 9


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Sterile Attenuating Gloves, Size 9

Sterile Attenuating Gloves will help shield your hands, reducing the harmful effects of scattered radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures. Providing radiation protection, these surgical gloves are lead free and are made with bismuth oxide in natural rubber latex to protect your hands without compromising on dexterity and comfort.

Recommended for use as the outer glove when double gloving.

Sterile Attenuating Gloves are ideal for use in any high exposure procedures in a variety of settings such as emergency rooms, operating theatres, cath labs, and in vascular procedures, etc.


Radiation Attenuation
Protective barrier: Helps shield hands from harmful effects of exposure to scattered radiation during fluoroscopic procedures.


Energy Level

Skin Dose Reduction

60 kVp


80 kVp


100 kVp


130 kVp


Special Features

  • Optimized thickness for the best balance of protection and tactile sensitivity
  • Latex formulation for a comfortable fit
  • Powder free to minimize contamination and ensure better patient outcomes
  • Textured finish for secure grip
  • Produced ergonomically-designed finger formers to enhance comfort and fit and reduce hand fatigue and stress
  • Internal chlorinated finish for good dry and damp-hand donning
  • Inverted beaded cuff helps to prevent cuff roll down
Surface finish
  • Khaki color natural rubber latex
  • Internal chlorinated finish for good dry-and damp-hand donnability.
  • Double donnability: This glove is recommended to be used as the outer glove when double gloving because of its textured finish.
  • Textured finish to provide optimal reliability when using instruments that require greater gripping capability.
Shape features
  • Produced on curved finger formers ergonomically-designed to enhance fit and comfort, and to reduce hand fatigue and stress.
  • Inverted beaded cuff helps to prevent cuff roll down.
Quality standards
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM examination glove standards.
  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004 and FDA QSR.
  • In compliance with ASTM D1076-06 containing dispersed bismuth oxide.


Glove Size Dimensions

Size 6 1/2: (Item # 906-800) 280mm Length, 83mm Palm Width
Size 7:        (Item # 906-801) 280mm Length, 89mm Palm Width
Size 7 1/2: (Item # 906-802) 285mm Length, 95mm Palm Width
Size 8:        (Item # 906-803) 285mm Length, 102mm Palm Width
Size 8 1/2: (Item # 906-804) 290mm Length, 108mm Palm Width
Size 9:        (Item # 906-805) 290mm Length, 114mm Palm Width

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