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Superflab Bolus, 0.2cm Thick x 30cm Square

Superflab Bolus, 0.2cm Thick x 30cm Square
Superflab Bolus, 0.2cm Thick x 30cm Square

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Superflab Bolus, 0.2 cm Thick x 30 cm Square.


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Superflab Bolus, 0.2 cm Thick x 30 cm Square.

Superflab is exceptionally elastic, conforming to patient contours, while maintaining uniform thickness

• For enhanced dose build-up to skin
• Conforms well to patient’s contour
• Very elastic and quite “flabby”
• Maintains uniformity of thickness
• Semi-transparent
• Made of synthetic oil gel
• Will not dry out
• Reusable, can be washed with soap and water
• Can be cut with scissors
• Approved for human contact

Optimal Dose Build-Up for Radiation Therapy
Superflab increases the targeted radiation dose during photon and electron treatment by providing scattering of the beam and build-up of the radiation dose at the skin surface. The unique material was designed to conform completely to a variety of uneven surface geometries, eliminating air gaps and further optimizing dose absorption.

Proven Clinical Usage
The dosimetric properties of the Superflab bolus material have been tested superior to polystyrene, the previous gold standard in bolus material, when using both photon and electron beams energies. The specific gravity of Superflab is very similar to that of water at 1.02, approximating tissue-equivalence closer than polysteyrene, resulting in broad clinical acceptance. Therefore, Superflab found wide acceptance in radiotherapy clinics worldwide.

Advanced Elasticity
Superflab is made of a proprietary synthetic gel, resulting in a molded material that does not suffer inelastic strain from normal stresses. Consequently, Superflab does not have to be bagged or wrapped in plastic film to maintain its shape during treatment.

Custom sizes are available and would incur a set-up per size and per piece cost. Please contact RPDinc to request custom sizes.

Additional Items
When using bolus on a curved area such as the chest wall, the use of Spandage (Items 674-308 through 674-312) or gauze will hold the bolus against the skin to prevent gaps. 


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Superflab Bolus


0.2cm T x 30cm sq


0.3cm T x 30cm sq


0.5cm T x 30cm sq


1.0cm T x 30cm sq


1.5cm T x 30cm sq


2.0cm T x 30cm sq


2.5cm T x 30cm sq


3.0cm T x 30cm sq


4.0cm T x 30cm sq


Custom Superflab Bolus Set-up

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