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Superflab Bolus, 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square

Superflab Bolus, 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square
Superflab Bolus, 1.0cm Thick x 30cm Square

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Superflab Bolus, 1.0 cm Thick x 30 cm Square. 


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Superflab Bolus, 1.0 cm Thick x 30 cm Square. (2.1 Pounds)

Superflab comes in thicknesses which provide maximum dose buildup for relevant photon energies.  It does not suffer inelastic strain for normal stresses and does not have to be bagged or wrapped in plastic film to maintain its shape.  It can be washed with soap and water followed by an application of talcum powder or it can be wrapped.

• Latex Free.

• Conforms to patient’s contour.

• Tissue equivalent.

• Flexible, will not dry out.

This material is a synthetic oil gel with a specific gravity of 1.02 g/cm3.  It is based on vinyl plastic containing a large amount of diisodecyl phthalate.  It contains only materials approved by the FDA for human contact.

Since Superflab has both an electron build-up characteristic and a density closer to that of water than polystyrene, it is widely used in radiotherapy clinics.  Superflab is not tissue equivalent at diagnostic x-ray energies.

Custom sizes are available and would incur a set-up per size and per piece cost.  Please contact RPD to request custom sizes.

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When using bolus on a curved area such as the chest wall, the use of Spandage (Items 674-308 through 674-312) or gauze  will hold the bolus against the skin to prevent gaps.


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Superflab Bolus


0.2cm T x 30cm sq


0.3cm T x 30cm sq


0.5cm T x 30cm sq


1.0cm T x 30cm sq


1.5cm T x 30cm sq


2.0cm T x 30cm sq


2.5cm T x 30cm sq


3.0cm T x 30cm sq


4.0cm T x 30cm sq


Custom Superflab Bolus Set-up

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