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T-Vac, 2-Chambered Cushion

T-Vac, 2-Chambered Cushion
T-Vac, 2-Chambered Cushion

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T-Vac, 2-Chambered Cushion.


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T-Vac, 2-Chambered Cushion.

The Multi-Chamber SecureVac Cushions are the newest addition to Bionix’s® SecureVac Cushion Line.  This innovative, patent pending design provides therapists with the ability to easily create large full body molds.  Each chamber is formed independently from the other to ensure a custom mold is formed around each patient’s anatomical contours.  The multi-chamber design also makes it easy to recreate a section without losing the entire mold.  The cushions work well with the Bionix Omni V SBRT Patient Positioning System, Butterfly Boards or as an independent patient positioning device.

The T-Vac cushion has two separate chambers and is shaped like the letter “T”.  The shape allows the SecureVac™ Cushion to be a popular choice for immobilizing upper extremities.  It works extremely well when utilized with a Butterfly Board.

•  Upper Chamber 60 L x 100 W cm, 28L Fill

•  Lower Chamber 100 L x 70 W cm, 24L Fill

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