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Vaginal Afterloading Acrylic Cylinder Set, 33mm

Vaginal Afterloading Acrylic Cylinder Set, 33mm
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Vaginal Afterloading Acrylic Cylinder Set, 33 mm.


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Vaginal Afterloading Acrylic Cylinder Set, 33 mm.

The Vaginal After-Loading Acrylic Cylinders are of special value where cervical tumors are large and exophytic, where the uterus has been removed, when the vagina is quite small (sometimes due to post irradiation changes) or when the cervix cannot be identified or entered because of tumor deformity.  Often the applicator can be placed without more than local infiltrative anesthesia into the labia; packing is not required to hold the applicator in place.  It can be adapted to irradiate both cervical and vaginal cancers and is simple to apply and afterload.

The vaginal acrylic cylinder has a 6.6 mm diameter center hole for a Fletcher tandem or an afterloading tandem.  If using an afterloading tandem, a threaded delrin plug is screwed into the tip.  The acrylic cylinder has two channels for the rectangular afterloading sliders and an adjustable stainless steel suture ring.  The rectangular afterloading sliders are made of delrin and use a vertical source.  The separation between vertical sources in the afterloading sliders is 15 mm for the 33 mm cylinder and 20 mm for the 38 mm and 40 mm cylinders.  A locking spring secures the afterloading slider in the cylinder and a pressure spring holds the source in the afterloader.  A source pusher is used to remove sources.  Optional Lead sliders can be placed into the after-loading channel to provide shielding to the rectum or bladder.

Vaginal Afterloading Acrylic Cylinder Set includes

(1) Acrylic Cylinder

(1) Threaded delrin plug

(2) Rectangular delrin afterloading sliders

(1) 6 cm threaded stainless steel afterloading barrel with cap

(1) Adjustable stainless steel suture ring with screw

(1) 3/32" ball hex driver

(1) Source pusher for the rectangular afterloading slider



Vaginal Afterloading Cylinder

Material:  Acrylic
Density:  1.185 g/cm3
Size:  3.3 cm dia. x 12 cm L

Afterloading Slider
Material:  Delrin
Density:  1.425 g/cm3

Sterilization:  Gas only
DO NOT clean with alcohol this may fracture the acrylic.

Original paper printed in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol. 40, No. 1, July 1972, “A New After-Loading Applicator for Treatment of Cancer of the Cervix and Vagina” by William J. Peeples, MD ET AL, Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, VA.


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