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Virtual Water, 0.5cm Thick x 30cm Square

Virtual Water, 0.5cm Thick x 30cm Square
Virtual Water, 0.5cm Thick x 30cm Square
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Virtual Water, 0.5 cm Thick x 30 cm Square.


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Virtual Water, 0.5 cm Thick x 30 cm Square.

Virtual Water™ is designed for photon and electron beam calibrations.  It eliminates the inconvenience of transporting, setting-up, and filling water tanks.  Virtual Water™ is free of air and other imperfections and is not affected by humidity or temperature changes.

Virtual Water™ scatters and attenuates diagnostic and radiotherapy range x-rays the same way as water without the charge storage problems.  It can be used for both photon and electron beam calibrations, including relative ionization, depth dose measurements, and absolute calibrations without the need for correction and scaling factors.  Ionization readings obtained in Virtual Water™ are practically the same as those in liquid water for the same depth and exposure duration.

Each batch of Virtual Water™ is tested at an independent calibration lab and verified to be within 0.5% of water at photon energies.

Custom cavities are available to accommodate various types of ion chambers in any size section and in thicknesses of 2cm or more.  Customer must specify ion chamber.

No positive (plug) is supplied with the chamber cavity.  Plugs can be ordered separately.


Please see chart under Documents tab for sizes and thickness

Material: Epoxy resins and powders to control density and radiation properties
Density:  1.04g/cm³
Flatness:  0.2mm (0.008 in)
Length and Width Tolerance:  ± 0.02" (0.5 mm)
Thickness Tolerance:  ± 0.006" (0.15 mm)
Batch Consistency:  ± 0.02% (measured)


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