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Transport Cart with 1 Inch Thick Lead Container

Transport Cart with 1 Inch Thick Lead Container
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Transport Cart with 1 Inch Thick Lead Container.


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Transport Cart with 1 Inch Thick Lead Container.

The Transport Cart can accommodate the double pig holder and the 1” shielded container at the same time.  The steel pig holder is 3 1/2” deep and divided to accommodate 2 Iridium pigs or Heyman carriers up to 4 1/16” diameter.  The large steel container is shielded with 1” thick lead, and has a removable stainless steel liner with a handle.

The cover is 1” thick lead covered with steel, the inside surface is stainless steel and it has a chrome handle.

The heavy duty cart is constructed of steel tubing and 1/2” thick steel bar.  There are 2 - 8” diameter roller bearing wheels and 1 - 5” diameter swivel, locking, ball bearing front caster to allow easy mobility.  The “Stay Anywhere Handle” is friction held at any position.

A paper/forceps holder clips onto the rear of the cart frame and holds 2 forceps and a chart or paper work.  The pig holder, shielded container, and paper/forceps holder are all removable from the cart.

The following are included with this item: 
• Pig Holder with two holes each 4 1/16” x 4 1/16” x 3” deep

• 1” Thick lead shielded container and cover

• Removable 18 gauge stainless steel liner with handle (Storage Area: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 13" High)

• Cart with "Stay Anywhere Handle"

• Paper/forceps carrier

  Durable tan textured polyurethane enamel paint
Weight:  260 lbs