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HDR Emergency Container, 1.5 Inch Lead Walls

HDR Emergency Container, 1.5 Inch Lead Walls
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HDR Emergency Container, 1.5" Lead Walls.


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HDR Emergency Container, 1.5" Lead Walls.

The HDR Emergency Container is used to hold a remote applicator if a problem occurs.  This container has 1 1/2” thick lead shielding on all sides.  All walls are made of welded steel plate, sealed and filled with lead.  A removable 18 gauge stainless steel container with handle fits inside which can be easily removed and cleaned.  The cover is 1 1/2” thick with a slot for the cables.  A drop-in lead plug fills the slot after the cable has been installed.  The two 12” diameter roller bearing rear wheels and a 6” diameter front swivel, locking, ball bearing caster will roll easily on all floors.  The “Stay Anywhere Handle” which is friction held in any position and allows for easy steering and pulling. 

Inside Dimensions:  4 3/4” Sq. x 17” D
Overall Dimensions:
  17" W x 23 3/8" L x 23 1/4" H
Cable Hole:
  1” dia. Hole
Handle Length:  36" L
Weight:  507 lbs
Finish:  Durable Tan Textured Polyurethane Enamel Paint