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IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector

IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector
IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector
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IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector


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IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector

Based on the 3rd generation of pSi semiconductors. Since their introduction in 1992, the high doped p-type silicon detector chips, specifically designed for radiation therapy applications, have been the natural choice for measurements where high spatial resolution is required. The accuracy and lifetime of the diode detectors is unsurpassed in the field of radiation therapy today.

Item 322-600 and 322-605 Description: PDD (Percentage Depth Dose) and TMR (Tissue Maximum Ratio) measurements in water are the most demanding relative measurements. Since both the dose rate and the energy spectra change with depth, the 3G-pSi detectors are designed to be independent of these parameters.



• Waterproof

• Has a proven dose rate and energy independence

• Have a high uniform spatial resolution in the beam plane and precise definition of the measurement depth (accurately shaped penumbras in the whole beam plane using the same detector orientation)

• Independent of bias, pressure and moisture, very robust, always reliable, no "warm-up" time

• High durability



Item 322-600 IBA PFD 3G-pSi Photon Diode Field Detector - For photon relative field analysis and output factor measurements. The Semiconductor diode field detector PFD is intended for relative Dosimetry of photon beams, 1 to 20 MeV, in radiotherapy. The detector is designed for depth dose and profile measurements in air and water phantoms, and for output factor measurements in small to medium sized photon beams.

Effective Measurement Point:
 < 0.9 mm
Chip Size (Side / Thickness):  2.5 / 0.5 mm
Geometric Form of Active Area:  Circled
Diameter of Active Area:  2 mm
Thickness of Active Volume:  0.06 mm

The EFD3G Electron Diode (item 300-605) and the SFD Stereotactic Diode (item 300-615) provides direct electron depth dose, no need for ionization to dose conversion.

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