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ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package

ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package
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ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package.


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ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package.

The ISIS QA-1 Phantom provides “Machine to Machine” geometric QA for Treatment Machines, CT Simulator, and Conventional Simulators.

Geometric Accuracy for all QA Steps
• Room Lasers

• Patient Marking Laser

• CT Simulator Conventional

• Simulator

• Treatment Delivery System

The ISIS QA-1 Phantom was designed to provide an easy low cost approach to the daily, monthly, and annual QA tasks for the Physicist and Therapists.  The ISIS QA-1 phantom will aid in verifying the geometric laser position accuracies with multiple laser systems within your department.  Further the ISIS QA-1 provides the Physicist and Dosimetrist the ability to verify electron beam density values produced by your CT / CT-Simulator.  Your staff scans the four unique density value inserts then transfer this image to the RTP system for verification of the electron density values of the Bone, Water, Inhale and Exhale Lung density inserts.  Comparing the individual value for each known density value the user can quickly verify CT image electron density values for treatment planning image QA.

Ensure Data Transfer
• From Scanned Images

• Density Checks

• Anatomical Structures

• Isocenter + Central Axis

• Planned Beams for Patient Marking

Additionally, the ISIS QA-1 provides an internal known object insert that is scanned with the CT / CT-Simulator.  With this multiple image slice set you can create a Treatment Plan / Virtual Simulation plan of the known object for size and location verification though your RTP and Virtual Simulation system.  Then the ISIS QA-1 goes one step further to use these known geometric phantom positions for verification of the laser positions as verified with the scanned ISIS QA-1 phantom.  This QA process provides a geometric QA of the processed RT Plan for use with IMRT treatment machine lasers and mechanical treatment field setup verifications.

The dose chamber insert provided will provide the physicists the ability to quickly measure single point expected dose values without using additional phantom devices.

CT Simulation RT Field Marking Verification QA.
The ISIS QA-1 provides the user the ability to scan, plan, and verify the exported RTP beam designs of the intended treatment field to the laser marking system for laser point position verification.  Additionally this process can be accomplished on the intended treatment machine.

A sample generic QA process is described as follows.
Scan the phantom after you have verified the position of the ISIS QA-1 phantom is centered in the X and Y position of the scan plane.  This is accomplished by physically moving the ISIS QA-1 phantom and verifying the placement position with the tool set supplied with the scanner.

Additionally, verify the tilt of gantry is at a “0” degree tilt in respect to center of the ISIS QA-1 phantom.  Once alignment is verified correctly you scan the ISIS QA-1 phantom at 1 mm increments throughout the entire phantom body.  Then create three 10 cm x 10 cm RTP / Virtual Simulation plans for export to the laser marking system for laser position verification.  You then compare the expected field positions with the actual laser field illuminated positions.  These positions are viewed on three of the external sides of the ISIS QA-1 phantom.

Additionally the internal object insert positioned in the exact center axis of the ISIS QA-1 phantom provides laser position RTP field verification.  When the ISIS QA-1 is setup on your treatment machine table you can verify lasers / field lights and the expected treatment dose by using an electrometer chamber with the ISIS QA-1 dose chamber insert.

General Benefits of the ISIS QA-1
• Two millimeter wide alignment verification grooves on the surfaces of the ISIS QA-1 provides for easy viewing and quick alignment checks of laser beam positions.

• Multiuse QA machine programs within the therapy department can use the ISIS QA-1 phantom.

• Provides the ability to verify scanned image set position alignment from the radiology department to the radiation therapy department for geometric verifications prior to the laser marking process.

• Precision 10 cm x 10 cm and 5 cm x 5 cm fixed fields on three surfaces of the ISIS QA-1 phantom provide for exact image and beam geometric design QA verification.

• Easy leveling base for setting up an exact level plane for the QA process from machine to machine.

• Single slice check for laser -offset verification with standard CT Scanner and / or CT Simulator.  Treatment machine QA for lasers, mechanicals, and beam geometry.

Electron Density Verification Inserts
The four ISIS QA-1 electron density inserts provide the user with the ability to easily verify the electron density values produced on the CT / CT Simulator.  This is of particular benefit when determining the consistency of electron density values from week to week.  The four inserts are: Bone (+800), H2O (0.0), Inhale Lung (-800), Exhale Lung (-500), and Water (0).  This verification is useful in providing a repeatable and dependable QA program for in-house machine to machine transfer of images.  This QA task can be accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual by normal radiotherapy staff members.

Item 681-110 ISIS QA-1 Geometric Phantom Package Includes
Item 681-100 Phantom Cube with Bone, Water, Lung Inhale and Lung Exhale density plugs

Item 681-159 Leveling Platform with 20 cm Field

Item 681-150 Alignment Bar

Item 681-101 2.54 cm Object Insert

Item 681-112 Tungsten Pins, 20/Pkg

Item 681-120 50 cm Ruler

Item 352-233 Magnetic Gantry Level

Item 681-121 Round Bubble Level

Item 681-193 Protective Rolling Case

Phantom Size:  5.5" L x 5.5" W x 5.5" H (14 x 14 x 14 cm)
Electron Density of Acrylic:  3.847 x 1023
Phantom Surface Tolerance:  .005
Phantom Weight:  8 Lb (3.6 kg)
Rolling Case Size:  32.5" L x 21.5" W x 11.5" D (82.6 x 54.6 x 29.2 cm)
Total Shipping Weight:  45 lb (20.5 kg)



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