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Lead Shielded Cart for Nuclear Medicine

Lead Shielded Cart for Nuclear Medicine
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Lead Shielded Cart for Nuclear Medicine


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Lead Shielded Cart for Nuclear Medicine

This Lead Shielded Cart is designed to carry radioactive materials for nuclear medicine.  The cart is constructed of steel and shielded with 1” thick lead.  It has two 8” diameter roller bearing rear wheels, one 5” diameter swivel, locking, ball bearing caster and a 36” long “Stay Anywhere Handle” that is friction held at any position.  An optional removable paper and forceps holder (Item # 949-312) attaches to the cart on the rear axle.

Radioactive materials for Nuclear Medicine can be transported in this cart using the lead cover (Item # 949-311), our drop in container (Item # 949-330) and the Side Opening Carrier (Item # 949-200)

1" (2.54cm) Lead
Inside Dimensions:
  4 1/2” dia. x 5 3/4” D
Finish:  Durable tan textured polyurethane enamel paint
Weight:  83 lbs.


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